Rpg Items: Edit

Diablo Token

Diablo Token: Edit

Dragons wind
Rewarded For Voting on PMC: ☀
Mech pick
Magic Bacon
Shadow Katana

Dragon's Wind: Edit

One of the Dragon Items Craftable from "Dragon Bones" and "Dragon Scales"

Magic Bacon: Edit

Simple food That will Grant Saturation II upon Eating It

Mechanical Dwarven Pickaxe: Edit

Storm Quake
Gives Haste 5 While Using

Shadow Katana: Edit

Along with its High Damage, Shadow Katana Allows you to teleport when right clicked (with a slight cool-down)

Storm Quake: Edit

A Medium Damage Weapon, which along with that alone, is guaranteed to apply a wither effect, as well as the activated ability to fire an arrow when right clicked every 0.1 seconds.