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Body Of Roman Government
Emporer Ruler Of The Roman Empire Mayor
Statesman Current Heir To The Roman GovernMent Assistant
Senators Responsible For The Production Of Laws Assistant
Governer Entrusted with Maintaining Roman Towns Assistant
Diplomats Responsible For Ensuring Rome's Popularity Assistant
Citizen Standard Citizen N/a
Legionary Ranks and Descriptions
Legatus Commanding General Of The Legion Assistant
Tribunus Secondary Officer Of Legion Assistant
Praefectus Officer in charge of Personnel Training Assistant
Centurion Drill Officer in charge of basic organization V.I.P
Optio Disciplinary Officer V.I.P
Signifer Recruits Others to Legion V.I.P
Immunes Highly Trained Veteran Legionnaire V.I.P
Evocatus Veteran Legionnaire N/a
Legionnaire Legionnaire N/a