Alphabetical List Of All Notable Players On Heroes of the Storms.

[Note] Following the server's Enjin page being terminated, the join dates follow the "First Join" on the (post new-world) server and will not represent an accurate join date. These Occurrences will be marked "(PWW)"

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Deyes2 Edit

Deyes2, is the Server's Pain in the A.. Butt, after being banned, and unbanned numerous times. He has also managed to master Dragonborn, which few others have.

Join Date: Apr 6, 2013

Davtiln Edit

Davtiln (Currently Known As Guile), is the servers infamous hunter, he was once the Head PvP'er on the server. Many were surprised to learn he used a low class (T5) to gain much of his power, only using a once spammable skill and a set damage AOE. His other accomplishments are also his lavish "vacation homes" which have since been demolished or seized.

Join Date: Feb 24, 2013

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maddude174 Edit

Maddude174, is the servers Towny admin. His main accomplishment has been the construction of 7 reincarnations of this Towny Legacy. He has earned a reputation as the server's main (unofficial) builder, and one of the most supportive donators, sporting over 300 and counting USD donated.

Join Date: Apr 24, 2013

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opalthunder Edit

Opalthunder, Is the servers owner, and up-keeper. He is the most known for his fair judgements, impartial rulings, and his incredible skill in pvp. While decent at physical combat, he excells in the use of magic to smite his enemies. When dealing punishments he has been known to use the alias "OpalthunderTehHax0r". He has also been claimed to be one of the smartest redstoner's the server has to offer, through his use of vanilla "exploits" in the redstone system.

Join Date: Feb 8, 2013

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reedh Edit

Reedh, has made a name for himself, however, he managed to do it on the wrong side of the line. He has managed to achieve DragonBorn (he may have however, been reset). before his sudden departure, reedh managed to get 7 online people (including but not limited to, syrenswryd, maddude174, zecaseo, spellweave and more) which then brutally murdered him, and his online town members, This event was later dubbed the "Riot" by anonymous sources.

Join Date (PWW): Oct 16, 2015

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Spellweave Edit

He is a respected, honorable fighter, who excels in 1v1 scenarios as well as team fights. He abhors the use of RGPitems in combat. he is also known for his supreme talent in the battlefield.

Join Date: Sep 21, 2013

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zecaseo Edit

Zecaseo, is the hot-headed, quick to combat, Heroes Admin. He is well respected for his talent in combat. He has not only mastered Dragonborn, a feat all its own, but he has also managed to master every class currently available, as well as behead the owner of the server in fair combat.

Join Date: Apr 16, 2013

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